Dog Obedience Games
Dog Obedience Games
Dog Obedience Games

If you decide to play for prizes, below are some ideas for prizes. Please let me know of any others that you have thought of that are not included here.

Prizes for Group Classes - I make all the prizes in the form of little certificates and roll them in a piece of paper and put a colored rubber band or ribbon around them. Some ideas include:


Gift certificates from your own business might include:

- Free Bully Stick

- $5.00 off a private session

- Pick a prize (out of a bowl of dog and human goodies)

- 10% off your next group class

- Free 20 minute phone consultation


Gift certificates from other businesses might include:

- Free nail trimming

- $5.00 off grooming

- Free dog wash (from self serve doggy wash)

- $2.00 doggie dollars from the local pet store

- 20% off book purchase (local book store)

- Free cup of coffee (local coffee shops)



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