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Dog Obedience Games
Outdoor Games

There is nothing like playing games outdoors on a nice day! These games are in the outdoor category either because they use water (or some other messy substance), or because they require a lot of space. With a little bit of creativity I am sure they can be revised and played indoors as well. Please let us know what you come up with.



Red Light, Green Light

Just as fun as when you were a kid! Builds the skills of loose leash walking, sit with distractions and prepares for real life experiences.


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"Last night the Basic Cues and Manners Class played "Mind Your P's and Cues". They had just learned STAY and LEAVE IT in their fifth week of class.  It was a welcome change in pace to the normal learning pattern.


My assistant said "they LOVE this!"  What we noticed was that people were very busy and interacting positively with their dogs making a huge difference, of course, to the responses they were getting. The dogs were engaged because the people were engaged.

It was fun seeing how they put their cues together to present to class and it also gave me, the instructor, a chance to see where they need help.

~ Diane Garrod