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ADD A CUE - Home Version
Nancy Yamin
Items Needed:   None
Optional Items:   Prizes - This is a great game to play for rewards such as the winner does not have to do the dishes, or does not have to do their chores, or the winner gets an extra dessert, a quarter each round, or picks a game prize from the bowl, etc.
How to Play:  The first person to go decides on one cue to perform and does this cue with the dog. The next person has the dog perform the first cue and then one new cue of their own. The next person does the first two cues and adds one more, and so on.  You are out if you perform the wrong cue or if the dog doesn’t do the cue. The game continues until there is just one winner.
Cues to Use: Sit, Stand, Down, Stay, Touch, Come, Watch (Eye Contact), Heel, Leave It, plus any other tricks the dogs know such as Turn Around, Back Up, etc.
Increasing the Difficulty:
- You may only say the cue word one time or you will be out
- You may play the game using hand signals only
- You may use more difficult tasks such as walk around your dog, weave through legs, heel 5 steps, etc.
© 2010 Nancy Yamin

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