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Dog Obedience Games
Dog Obedience Games
Oldies but Goodies

These Oldies but Goodies are classic children's games that have been revised for dog training groups. They are so much fun to play partly because they remind of us when we played them as children. These games are bound to be a big hit!



Simon Says

A revised edition of the original - classic fun!!!


Musical Chairs

Another great classic children's game adapted for play by dogs and their humans!



Versions explained with dogs on leash for beginners up to off leash distance downs for more advanced players


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"Last night the Basic Cues and Manners Class played "Mind Your P's and Cues". They had just learned STAY and LEAVE IT in their fifth week of class.  It was a welcome change in pace to the normal learning pattern.


My assistant said "they LOVE this!"  What we noticed was that people were very busy and interacting positively with their dogs making a huge difference, of course, to the responses they were getting. The dogs were engaged because the people were engaged.

It was fun seeing how they put their cues together to present to class and it also gave me, the instructor, a chance to see where they need help.

~ Diane Garrod