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Submitted by
 Nancy Yamin
This is a fun little game that is best played in pairs. Divide the class into teams with two in each team. One person starts and picks a cue or position for their dog such as sit/stay, while they make up a challenge. The challenge can be the place or setting that the cue is done in, or for the dog to stay while something else is going on. The second person has to repeat this same challenge with their own dog. Switch which person goes first for the next round. For example, the first person has their dog sit/stay while they walk in a circle around their dog. The second person performs this same challenge. If they can’t do it, they may practice it a few more times until they can do it and their partner can help. This helps the teammate with their observation skills and training skills as well. It helps to pair up teams with similar skill levels.
Positions for the dog: Sit, Sit/Stay, Stand/Stay, Down/Stay, Watch
Any cues can be used depending on space and the skill level of the students, including come, loose leash walking, and more –
be creative and have fun!
Ideas for the humans:
hopping on one foot
waving your arms around
not facing the dog
dog is 10 feet away
while you are moving together
with hands on your head
with hand signal only
handler standing with back to dog, cue while not using any body language or eye contact
on the other side of a large tree
on a stump
on a log
on a branch of a tree
on a bench/on a wobble board
on a yoga ball
on a fire hydrant
while kids walk by
while kids run by
while kids run by yelling and waving arms
while another dog walks by
while interacting with a known dog,
while passing a person on a trail
when passing a group of people on a trail
beside an open door
sit as you continue moving forward
sit during a recall
while human stands on a chair
preparing food on a table
eating food while sitting in a chair
talking on the phone
talking to another person
walking past carrying groceries or food
petting another dog
Lying on the floor
Sit while covering your eyes, facing dog
Sit while you are sitting on the floor
Sit while you bounce a ball (or play with another favored toy)
Sit while doing jumping jacks
Say "Sit", then when they've sat, say "Sit" again (some dogs assume you will then say down and will down on the second sit)
Variation - By Kim MacMillan
Another way to play in class is to have all the variations in an envelope. Then each week, each student will pick two exercises from the envelope. I will give advice if needed, but otherwise they will have the week to practice and perfect it, and then they'll show it off at the next class. That way each dog/handler does something different, and gets everyone laughing and having fun. Then they re-draw and work on new ones for the next week.
Variation - By Nancy Yamin
For more advanced students and added variety, have two sets of cards to choose from. One set includes the cues such as sit, sit/stay, watch, come, etc. The second set is the challenges such as while hopping on one foot, while standing in a chair, etc. Have the first student pick one from each set and perform it for the class.You may want to include a prize for each success.  Then the next person goes, etc.

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