Dog Obedience Games
Dog Obedience Games
Dog Obedience Games
Off Leash Games

Most of these games require a large area to play in. Many can be modified to be played on leash. Most importantly, have fun and be creative!



Proof It !

Proof your cues in a variety of settings and circumstances or with added distractions while having fun and improving skills all at the same time!


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"Last night the Basic Cues and Manners Class played "Mind Your P's and Cues". They had just learned STAY and LEAVE IT in their fifth week of class.  It was a welcome change in pace to the normal learning pattern.


My assistant said "they LOVE this!"  What we noticed was that people were very busy and interacting positively with their dogs making a huge difference, of course, to the responses they were getting. The dogs were engaged because the people were engaged.

It was fun seeing how they put their cues together to present to class and it also gave me, the instructor, a chance to see where they need help.

~ Diane Garrod