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Nancy Yamin
A great game to play for graduating dog classes and for kids to play at home.
Items Needed:    Cue Cards, bowl or bag
Optional Items:   Prizes
How to Play: Print out the cues from links above (preferably on heavy paper) and cut them out. Place the cues in a dog bowl or bag. Read the directions below to the class.
Directions to read to students: Each person will pick 5 cues. When it is time to start, look at your cards and place them in any order you like. You will have approximately 5 minutes to practice then each person will perform their cue sequences for the class. You must use all the cards, in any order, but you may add extra cues if you want. The smiley face is a blank may be used for any cue, even one of your own, a special trick, anything you want. 
Cues Included: Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Heel, Leave It, Watch and Touch. You may also add additional cues or any tricks the class has learned such as Turn Around, Back Up, etc.
Suggestions for Success: 
   - Demonstrate once before officially starting the game will help everyone succeed          
   - Have the students tell the class what cues they have before performing their sequences.
Increasing the Difficulty:
-          Add more difficult cues
-          Use more Cue Cards per person
-          Tell students that they may only say their cue word one time
-          Have students play the game using hand signals only
-     Use more difficult sequences such as walk around your dog, weave through legs, sit while you continue to walk, etc.
© 2010 Nancy Yamin

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