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Nancy Yamin
Level of Difficulty:   Intermediate and up, great for tricks classes
Items Needed: The letters (you may print them from the tab at the top)
How to Play:   Each student picks one letter from the dog bowl. Your assignment is to think of a new cue or trick that starts with that letter and teach it to your dog. You will perform this trick for the class. It should be something new that the dog does not already know. If you are having trouble thinking of a cue or teaching it to your dog, please be sure to email me for help. You may use one of the suggestions written with the letter or think up a new one. Most of all, be creative and HAVE FUN!
Instructor's Notes: Print a copy of this page for each student.   A great time to use this game is two weeks before the last class. Then at the next class they can have a few minutes to practice or for your help and then at the last class they can perform their trick for the class.
A - around, adios (wave bye), au revoir (wave goodbye), all aboard (jump in arms or on back while
 human is on all fours), about face, are you shy?(cover eye with paw)
B – back-up, bow, beg, bon voyage (wave goodbye), bless you (sneeze),   bang (roll onto side) 
C – crawl, ciao (wave bye), close (as in stand close or as in close the door), crouch (play bow), chill or chill out
D – drop it, dance (with or without the human), drop on recall
E - enough, exit, enter
F – front, find it, fetch, forward march
G – give it, get it (get your leash, ball, toy, etc), go to____, give me five, good night, give me love or a kiss
H – high five, hug, hello (shake hands)
I – in (a box), I love you (kiss)
J – jump
K – kiss
L – look at me, look at that, leave it, love you (kiss),
M – messy (pick up your toys), mon ami (hug or kiss)
N – nice to meet you (shake hands), nighty-night (lay on side, or lie on blanket)
O – over, out, open (the door)
P – pray, play dead, place (go to a certain spot), please (beg) , pick up ______, push, peek-a-boo (cover eyes)
Q – quiet
R – relax, roll over, reverse
S – settle, spin, shake (hands or body), see ya (wave bye), speak, say please (beg, sit up), sit pretty (beg),
       stick 'em up (sit with pawys up), say yes (nod head), say no (shake head)
T – take it, touch, twirl, turn around, turn right, turn left, take a bow
U – under, up
V – very pretty (sit pretty), victory (high five)
W – weave (between legs), wake-up or wakey-wakey, wave (wave bye), who wants a treat (raise one paw),  
        wag (tail), whisper (quiet bark) 
Y – yo-yo (sit, sit-up, sit, sit-up sequence, or sit/down sequence)
© 2011 Nancy Yamin


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