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On Leash Games

These on-leash games are fantastic for group classes of all levels. Please click on the game title for a complete description of each game. If you are not already playing games in class with your students, I urge you to try them. Play one game each week at the end of class. Students will pay more attention during class knowing something really fun is coming up; the part they will remember about class is how much fun it was; and skills will improve because they are practiced in a different context thus preparing students for doing them outside of the classroom. It is amazing how much playing one little game can improve so many things- go ahead and try it!



Add A Cue

By Nancy Yamin - Beginner and up - Great fun will be had as each person adds a cue onto the previous one.


Mind Your P's and Cues

By Nancy Yamin - Beginner and up - Each person picks 5 or more cues and then in a sequence demonstrates them for the class.


DOG Charades

By Nancy Yamin - Intermediate and up - Just as fun as the original Charades but revised for dogs!


There's A Cue For That!

By Nancy Yamin - Intermediate and up - Fabulous to play with tricks classes - Great as a homework assignment.


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"Laughter filled the room as the students participating in my introduction to competition obedience class, sub-title “through the eyes of the dog” tried to keep track of the sequence of cues they’d come up with playing “Add a Cue”...

I’ve always enjoyed how games take the self-consciousness out of trying new things for the first time. While having fun, students learned skills by themselves which I would have been hard pressed to teach them in that short a time."

~ Daniel Meunier